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All the Students which are applied for the RRB NTPC (Non-Technical Popular Categories) Examination -2020 are Notified that the Mamery based General  Science(GS) Question (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) with answer are released. There are total 35208 students applied for this Examination having Graduate and Under Graduate Posts in GS Section. The Examination is based On Online Mode through as CBT held by RRB.

Important Dates- Examination Date-28th, 29th, 30th & 31st December 2020.

All the Set of Questions with Answer which are released by RRB for NTPC- Examination-2020

1. The Chemical Formula of Lime Water:

Answer: Ca(OH)2

2. Who discovered cell?

Answer: Robert Hooke

3. Which organ secretes Bile Juice?

Answer: Liver

4. Color of Fertilizer revolution in India:

Answer: Grey Revolution

5. The Chemical Formula of Hard Water:

Answer: H2O

6. Unit of Electric Current:

Answer: Ampere

7. Double Helix Model of DNA was given by:

Answer: Francis Creek & James Watson

8. pH of lemon:

Answer: A lemon is an acidic fruit with a pH ranging from 2 to 3.

9. Gas leaked in Bhopal Gas Tragedy:

Answer: Methyl Isocyanate

10. Tear Gas Chemical Name:

Answer: 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile

11. Who is the Head of DRDO Head?

Answer: Satheesh Reddy, Head of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

12. Which country developed first COVID-19 Vaccine?

Answer: Russia – ‘Sputnik V’

13. Lower Jaw is called:

Answer: Mandible – Jaw is a set of bones that holds teeth. It consists of two main parts. The upper part is named as maxilla. Maxilla doesn’t move and the moveable lower part is called the mandible.

14. The working principle of a washing machine is:

Answer: Centrifugation – Centrifugation is a separation process that uses the action of centrifugal force to promote accelerated settling of particles in a solid-liquid mixture.

15. Which country is completed the first human trial vaccine for COVID-19?

Answer: Russia.

Download RRB NTPC (GS) 2020-21 Question Paper

All the Set of Questions with Answer which are released by RRB for NTPC


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